Talking Ben

Do you like dogs? What if that dog has an uncanny ability and can turn any game with it into an interesting event with lots of possibilities and fun moments? Then try playing this game! It’s a huge opportunity and you can play it for as long as you want! The game’s protagonist is a seemingly ordinary dog who leads an ordinary canine life – watching TV, reading the newspaper, talking on the phone and so on.

Your task is to start interacting with him in different ways that we’re about to tell you about! At the beginning of the game, you meet the dog sitting in a chair near the TV. Try pushing him to make him make some noises! He’ll start to make funny faces and make different noises depending on which part of his body you press.

More fun!

He can either laugh, cry or even get mad at you. So don’t hit him and don’t press very hard. You can also press the phone and he’ll get into a heated argument with someone. The dog can also mimic voices. Try saying something to him and he’ll immediately repeat it using his own intonation! He can also burp, yawn, fart and more. It all depends on what you do and his mood. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

The dog can also visit different locations. For example, a TV show. He works there as a presenter, but he has a colleague, a grey cat, who also wants his moment of glory. The dog gets angry and can’t stop himself from attacking him. Help the dog fulfil his dream – click on it so the dog can get into a skirmish with the cat. Don’t worry, it’s just a show and no one will get hurt.

Other locations

The dog can also visit his chemistry lab from time to time, where he’ll mix a variety of reagents together. In this way he will make potions of various colours. Each potion will have a different effect when he drinks it. Unfortunately, things do not always go smoothly and it may happen that the potion simply explodes in his clutches. Repeat these experiments for as long as you think it is necessary. You should also mention separately what you need for the game. All you need is a mouse. Or a touchpad, if you don’t have a mouse. If you don’t have one either, but do have a touch screen, then use it to interact with your dog – just flick it with your finger.

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