BitLife 2

BitLife or Life Simulator is a unique text-based simulator where you will need to model lives. Yes, you got it absolutely correctly – you will not build or develop anything but design the character’s life. The only goal of the game is to live a digital life as best as you can. Only you decide how exactly it is going to be organized.

The game only offers you potential variants and you select and combine them to your liking. The best thing about this entertainment that no one can predict your outcome. And every time, your hero will live according to an exclusive scenario. Are you ready to test this fun?

Make decent choices!

Your character is a newborn baby. You will just receive some vital information about him – gender, family, place of birth. And now, it will entirely depend on you what his life is going to be. You will have to guide your personage through all stages of his life path. There will be no major events in childhood – you need to study, play and interact with your parents. But as he grows, the decisions become harder and more responsible – will your ward get a good education?

Will he build a great career? Will he manage to start a family and make a lot of friends? It all depends on your choices. There are two scenarios here – your hero can become a successful person but he also can become a loser. Will you be able to follow the right path and make this virtual life full of joy and happiness? Join BitLife2 to find it out!

Watch the hero’s vital parameters!

It is not something weird to make decisions for your personage. We do the same thing every day in real life. It is a different story whether you do it correctly. In this game, every step will have serious consequences. And you cannot predict with accuracy whether these are good or bad! But you can get a hint whether you are moving in the right direction. There are three interactive bars on the bottom of the screen – these will show the level of your character’s well-being. These are health, happiness and smartness! You should continuously monitor for them to be high. If they start to drop, it means you should change your tactics. Do not worry, if something goes wrong and you do not achieve the desired result – there are no restrictions here and you can try it from the very beginning.

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