Bit Life Simulator

Are you happy with your life? What if you could change it? Now, you can do it easily, even if it is only in virtual format. BitLife Simulator is a project that will enable you to become an author of someone’s life. You will literally influence everything in his fate. Let’s see how it all happens. The very first event is the birth of your character – you will learn information about your personage, his name, gender, country of birth, everything about his parents, and so on. When your ward is still a kid, your range of activities is not very wide. But as you grow up, the range of opportunities grows exponentially.

How to make decisions?

The gameplay is built in a way that you will always need to decide on what to do. Before every event, you will see several options of how to proceed. Your task is to choose one which you consider the best for your hero. You do not just have to decide if you want to study or work, you also have to decide if you are going to do a number of other activities that affect the way of life your character will live. Your decisions will provoke different events and all of them will influence your future. Every user will create a unique story and his hero will live a unique life.

Some players will decently study and work and their characters will develop into reputable people with happy families and a wide circle of friends. They will live a long and happy life. But other players will choose a path full of adventures and tricks! They will ignore social norms and will act randomly. Such an approach will make your character regress until he reaches the bottom of the social ladder – he can become a criminal or even die. You may try different options – experiment until you are fully satisfied with the life you created!

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