BitLife Update

Nowadays, online games come with all imaginary plots. And this project offers you a really thrilling adventure. You will have to model a life of your character. Yes, you have understood it absolutely correctly – control your personage from the moment of birth and until he dies. We bet you have not tried anything like that yet. So it is the right time to dive into this fabulous adventure!

How does it all work?

You meet your hero when he is only born. You will get all the essential information about him – gender, parents and so on. But now his life is completely in your hands. The game is built as a text simulator. Every time, you will see several options of the further actions. You can study them all and choose only one. You will have to be very careful as all these decisions can develop in two ways – you can create a positive character or a bad character.

There is a special button on the screen that you can click on to increase the age of your personage. But it is not recommended to skip too much time as, in this case, you will miss important details and the level of health and happiness of your hero will fall! But if you pay enough attention to each stage – you have all chances to grow a happy person with a respectful career and a wide circle of friends.

Enjoy new features!

As it is player who influences the plot development, there are no two scenarios alike in this game. Everyone will make different decisions and get a unique result. Moreover, the developers keep working on the project and add new updates regularly. For now, you can enjoy a wide list of professions your personage can master as well as negative activities – you can become a designer or a beggar. And this range is continuously growing! One of the latest modification allows you to become even holes in BitLife! Besides, there are a lot of mini-games you can participate for the best gaming experience. No matter how many times you already played this project, it is time to enjoy it again!

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