Melon Playground

If you are tired of horror stories and various sports games and still need to find some way to relieve stress, then you should try a new type of online entertainment – it is devoted to destruction! We talk about Melon Playground, an unusual simulator in which you have to destroy your opponents in all possible ways! You will have all the necessary tools and devices for this job – your task is to use them all skillfully!

There is only one goal here!

This simulator has no clear plot. You can do whatever you like here but there is one mission – to destroy your opponents! All of them are designed as stickmen and you need to get rid of them all! Luckily, you will have a huge arsenal of weapons for this task. There are pistols, machine guns, all sorts of explosive things and grenades. You just need to select an appropriate one to attack the enemies. It is necessary to mention that you can enjoy in-game editor and customize all personages for the best gaming experience. You can even create different scenes on the stage to enjoy this activity to the fullest. You just need not to be afraid and implement the weirdest ideas you have.

Enjoy the absence of rules!

Players are offered absolute freedom of action. It is only you who decide how you are going to smash your next victim. At first, you will be dealing with only one opponent. But step by step, the task will become more complicated, and you will have to cope with several of them at once. And very soon, you will need to be ready to confront a whole army of stickmen! You will have to create successful fighting strategies to achieve the target. Do not be afraid to experiment with the available weapons to get more fun. You can even organize confrontations between your opponents. As you move forward, you will unlock more new features and opportunities!

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