BitLife – Life Simulator

You know well that simulators open up unlimited possibilities for the player. You can master all the nuances of a certain profession or business. But have you ever tried to model someone’s life? Yes, the whole story a person lives from the birth till death? This thrilling entertainment makes you the author of someone’s life! Are you ready for such an unusual role?

How is everything arranged?

There are no spectacular adventures in this game. The plot develops in a bit different way. You start from the moment your hero is born. Now only you decide on how he will live from now on. You will watch how the character grows and interacts with the surrounding world. Every step is a choice between several options. And you make decision on what your ward will do. You will have to guide him through all vital life stages – childhood and adult years. Actually, the personage needs to live a usual life – help him study, build good relations with parents, start a family and raise children.

But the game gives you absolute freedom – there are no good or bad decisions. All of them just influence the further plot development. As you understand, every player will go through the individual walkthrough. Only your choices make your character good or bad. Somebody will choose a path of progress, while others will not be ready to work hard and quickly regress. There are multiple versions of scenarios you can create. But, of course, the ultimate goal is to make your personage a happy person and allow him to live a long active life!

Is your choice correct?

It may be difficult to foresee in advance whether you are acting correctly or not. To see whether you are making enough right decisions, you need to monitor three parameters that will display the current status of the character. These are three bars that will signal the level of happiness, health and smartness. If the level of them is high, then you are doing everything correctly. But if at least one of them is low, then you should rethink your decisions.

Of course, to become a respectful person, you will need to work hard. Some players try to speed up things and ignore some rules and norms. This approach can take you to the bottom of the social ladder and turn your personage into a criminal. So do not be tempted by dangerous adventures as your hero may even die prematurely! But it is only you who decides on this particular life scenario! Will you make it happy?

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