Ecology Simulator

The environment has always been a hot topic, as the world is inevitably crumbling due to pollution and waste. Today is your chance to save nature with this game! So, you have to choose one of three modes. In the first, the planet has some problems, but they can be solved. In the second, there are more problems, but with proper effort they can be solved. The last mode is the hardest and the planet is almost completely destroyed. You’ll have to work hard to save it. Each mode has the same mechanics, but different challenges. So, what will you choose?

Save the planet!

Throughout the game you have to make different decisions that will benefit our planet – build windmills, put solar panels, build factories for recycling waste, save the whales and orangutans, or clear the ocean of trash. But every choice you make will have consequences, and not always good ones. So you may inadvertently destroy the planet and all the people on it.

To make decisions you need points, which will gradually be collected from you. You can also undo a previous decision and get half the points you spent. But don’t buy everything at once – every choice needs to be considered. Even trying to help the planet, you can only harm it irrevocably.

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