Talking Angela 2022

Today you will go to visit a cat. It is a very unusual cat that can do many things! She also loves fashion and style, so she lives in Paris! You meet the cat in a cosy cafe near the Eiffel Tower. You can interact with it in many ways. Try petting it and it will immediately purr with pleasure and close its eyes. Now tap her leg or tail. The cat will growl because she doesn’t like it! So be careful when you want to touch it. But most importantly, it can talk.

Choose a conversation topic and start talking to the cat. Introduce a variety of phrases and questions and she will respond to you. What’s more, she will ask you different things too! You can talk about the weather, nature, fashion and so on. The cat is especially fond of the last topic as she is an expert in style and fashion.

Fashion Week

As mentioned earlier, she loves to dress up and do makeovers. So help her become the most stylish! In the game, you can pick up a variety of makeup for the cat. It can be lipsticks, shadows, mascara, blush and so on. You can also use pre-made makeup, like butterfly makeup. But not everything will be available to you immediately, some things have to be bought for diamonds or gold. This is an in-game currency, which becomes available after playing the mini-games or after watching commercials.

You can also buy her clothes – dresses, skirts, blouses – and various accessories, making her the most stylish cat ever. Don’t be afraid to experiment! There are no rules or restrictions in the game. Also, you can’t lose, because this game is meant to be fun. There are no boring missions, and all the tasks are up to you. Even if you don’t complete them, there’s no harm done and you can carry on playing.

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